I became invisible on May 13, 2013.

I remember it so clearly.

Laying in my semi-private hospital bed recovering from an emergency c-section. Trying to rest as people bustled around me.

Grandparents and aunts talking on the phone, loudly announcing the arrival of Jane and Emma.

Nurses coming in to stick me with needles and draw my blood and “check my pad” every few hours, whether I was awake or not.

Friends coming to visit the new babies and being let right into my room, even while I was half-naked trying to pump.

Estranged family members showing up after seeing…

I appreciate this article on so many levels ... except the part about invasion of privacy being an abusive tactic. Unpopular opinion comin in hot! --> I think that in today's social media and online worlds, we MUST be invasive, on EVERY level. My children are 7 and I tell them all of the time that I am reading every message that they send to their friends on Messenger Kids, I'm checking their history, I'm swiping up on their home screen. I don't want them to FEEL like the internet is a private space, because it is NOT -- by…

“Mommy, if I’m sniffling, that’s just because I’m allergic to dust, right?”

Yes, baby.

“And if my throat is scratchy but I also haven’t drank water for a long time, that could be why, right?”

Yes, baby.

Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash

These are the kinds of incessant questions I get from my 7 year olds daily.

Constant, seemingly innocent worry about the state of their health.

But is it innocent?

I have been moving non stop with my head down for the last year. Head. Down. Trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy. …

If you are anything like me, you are sick of the hype. Over it.

Ketogenic. Paleo. Intermittent fasting. HFLC. Intuitive eating. Superfoods. Macronutrients.

What does it all mean, and which one is right for you?

Add to that the health claims.

Saturated fats are killing us. No, carbs are killing us. Don’t eat red meat. Don’t drink too much caffeine. Don’t eat so much sugar. Don’t consume dairy. Milk is not for humans.

Which one is right? And how do you figure it out???

I educate women every day about topics ranging from mindful eating to how to shop locally…

Picture this: You wake up in the morning and pour yourself your first cup of coffee. You add milk and sugar and gulp it down as you get the kids ready for school. You grab a breakfast bar and run out the door, off to work.

At around 10:00, you start to feel like there is a fog settling over you, so you get up and grab a diet Coke and a Snickers bar from the vending machine. At noon, you and a coworker head to the deli next door for lunch. You order a grilled chicken panini with fresh…

Hi there! Today I’m coming to you to talk to you about your Tupperware. Tupperware is something that is kind of a funny thing. It’s a staple in every kitchen in all of America, and has been around since 1946 when Earl Tupper started selling containers in stores. It’s one of the first items you throw on your wedding registry, one of the first things that you pick up when you move into a home, and I know that I personally have gone through a LOT of Tupperware in my life. In fact, most people in this country have a…

I had no idea that I would be starting the greatest debate of all time when I posted about MILK in a few mommy groups on Facebook. It apparently made several mamas completely INCENSED that I would DARE to post about my own decision to take milk out of our family’s diet and why. Let me preface this story by saying that whatever a mother decides to do for HER FAMILY is the RIGHT DECISION.

But, here’s the deal. I got upset because I was honestly trying to share about something that was on my mind in an effort to…

What I didn’t know in this picture was that I would totally lose myself in the process of becoming a mother. The girl in the picture at the top? She was gone. She was replaced by this woman who was terrified, and protective, and exhausted, and cautious, and who’s world revolved around these two tiny people. All of the things that I LOVED (cooking, hiking, reading, writing, being with my husband, being alone) were replaced by washing and sterilizing bottles, researching and making baby food, trying to figure out how to raise kids who were compassionate, and wise, and sweet…

“Just go inside and relax,” he said.

“Just lay on the couch and read your book and take it easy,” he said.

By the time he came inside, I had washed the dishes, put in a load of laundry, sorted the week’s worth of laundry that was all over the laundry room, picked up the clothes and book bags and boots from the floor, and started meal planning for next week.

What is it about relaxation that we just.can’t.do? …

We’ve all heard it a million-bajillion times. “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

But what does that even MEAN?

To me, it has come to mean many things, in many situations. At work, I can’t get bogged down and spread myself too thin or I risk not being able to give the best of myself to my students, which is where my BEST is really required and most deserved. That makes sense.

But at home, I need to rest and rejuvenate AND do my OWN things so that I don’t become exhausted or resentful of my family and my…

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